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Livegreen International Inc. is a fast-growing company in the Philippines engaged in the production, processing and distribution of 100% fresh and OCCP certified organic vegetable produce.

As strong advocates of organic farming, Livegreen partners with local farmers across different regions in the Philippines and provides them with the technology + advanced farming techniques to ensure that their produce are clean, nutritious, and safe for everyone to eat.

By organizing, mobilizing and training farmers, Livegreen helps increase their yield cycles and productivity. Farmers are empowered with the knowledge of quality harvest and post-harvest procedures that will meet strict Quality Assurance measures.

…The result?

Safe and nutritious food for the people, a greener environment free from harmful chemicals and toxins, sustainable livelihood for our farmers, and the elevation of Philippine Organic Agriculture to be at par with the world’s best.

A Grassroots Movement

Creating positive impact and elevating the Philippines from the bottom-up through agriculture.

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Our Story

With humble beginnings in 2009 as an organic grower and distributor, Livegreen initially supplied fresh vegetable produce to 4 supermarket outlets in Metro Manila. This has led to 5 times the growth of Livegreen’s distribution channel, adding to its roster of outlets leading chains of supermarkets such as Robinsons, Rustan’s, Shopwise, Waltermart, SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Metro Supermarket, All Day Supermarket, Fishermall, Unimart, Super Metro, South Supermarket, Cash n’ Carry, and PC Supermarket. To date, the company distributes organic vegetable produce to over 40 outlets under the brand name Organicus.

Our Advocacy

Sadly, commercialism drives the market and nowadays, it’s all about producing more output in less time. We live in an era where the industry says ‘it’s okay’ to use harmful chemicals on the food that we eat so that they can grow more and bigger-looking vegetable produce.

Livegreen’s advocacy is to provide farmers with a steady source of livelihood through organic farming. Following a “cradle-to-crade” agricultural system, we ensure the protection of the environment by developing and rehabilitating the land on which we plant on, and by implementing farming methods that are efficient, waste-free, and hazard-free.

By bringing life and balance back to the soil the way Mother Nature designed it, we get safe and healthy produce in it’s purest form each and every time. After all, producing and eating organic food is not a trend, it’s tradition.

A Social Enterprise

Livegreen promotes the development of organic farms and the training of Agripreneurs. From a seasoned farmer to the youth who have a passion for agriculture…Livegreen equips and empowers them with the knowledge, tech, and tools as an accredited social enterprise. A partnership where farmers and their families as well as communities are uplifted through a truly sustainable livelihood.

Our Partners & Recognitions

The Company has been accredited by the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) as a Private Extension Service Provider on a National Level. Various training with hands-on practices on vegetable production, mushroom, vermicomposting and other technical concerns are being offered.

ATI Accredited



LiveGreen International Inc.

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